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Meisam Paper Co.
Who we are
Meisam Paper Co. has grown into a top producer of packaging papers in Iran . Our product portfolio includes high-quality Kraft liner , test liner and corrugating medium which are used for dissimilar industrial packaging purposes.We have ceaselessly strived to be a strategical supplier for our clients through developing our capabilities and pursuit of growth . We nearly collaborate with our clients to understand their market needs and create value unitedly . We have entered into strategical partnership with various clients in unlike industries . This has helped our clients to have high-quality carton boxes simply in time with minimal warehousing and logistics costs.We are committed to protecting our environment and serving our society . so , we have integrated environmental management into our total business processes and at any stage of the process , from the purchase of unsanded materials through quality development , marketing and distribution , our goal is minimizing environmental impact on water , air , ground and noise levels . In addition , we have invested in decreasing use of rude resources and we work intemperately to promote a higher share of re-use and recycling in all our business processes .
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